Beautiful Wedding At Meadowbrook Hall

Crystal and Dan got married (the first time) on a slightly rainy day at Meadow Brook Hall on the grounds of Oakland University.  We had early rain, but that cleared up, it turned into a beautiful day.  Christina and I got a lot of great shots.

rocchester michigan wedding

Meadowbrook Hall Wedding 1

Meadowbrook Hall Wedding 2

Rochester Hills Wedding Photo 1

Meadowbrook Hall Wedding Photography 1

Meadowbrook Hall Wedding Photo 2

Meadowbrook Hall Wedding 5

This was actually the first of two wedding celebrations for Crystal and Dan.  The second one was in China.
I quickly created a slide show and video for the newly married couple to take to their second wedding
celebration.   Congratulations to the new couple!


Courtney and Robert; Rain, Sunshine and Great Dancing!

Our first wedding of 2014 started off with a bit of rain.   We waited to start the wedding just a bit.  There was a very light sprinkle during the rain.  The venue Long Acre House was even beautiful in the rain.   After some indoor formal photos in the library there was still a light sprinkle falling.  I suggested we go to Sean O’Callaghans to enjoy refreshements and wait out the rain.


The dressing rooms at Long Acre House are great places to take getting ready photos!


Rain?  What rain?

plymouth michigan wedding

Congratulations to the new couple!


We spent about 20 minutes at the pub and then went outdoors to take photos in downtown Plymouth.

plymouth wedding photography az

The reception was at the Sheraton Novi.

canton michigan wedding photography

The bride and groom were both accomplished dancers and they wowed the crowd!

Awesome Wedding In The D-Town

Joanna and Corey decided to come back from their warm weather home for a November wedding in Detroit Michigan.   It made sense to come back for their wedding since both of their families live in Michigan.    A November wedding in Michigan is always a risk.   One day you can get sunshine and color.  The next day you can get rain, snow, wind, sleet and who knows what else!

Our day started out early at the Westin Hotel in Southfield.  This was our first ‘getting ready’ site and the site of the reception.     The ladies had a nice suite to get ready in.  The room had a lot of nice features, the best being a large bin of JimmyJohns sandwiches!

Corey and the guys were already done getting ready when I arrived.  We went outside for a few shots including some shots of the groom in the Westin lobby.     Then it was on to the church.

The wedding was at Cathedral of the  Most Blessed Sacrament in downtown Detroit.   This is one of the most beautiful churches in Detroit.  The grounds are nearly as beautiful as the early 1900s architecture.

I’d be remiss in forgetting the great old watering hole/sports bar that we went to, The Old Shillelagh.  This is an old neighborhood bar that we’ve been to 3 or 4 times to take photos.

Joanna and Corey had a great day at some superb locations.   The great friends and family of the couple really made the day.   Chris and I really enjoyed spending the day with this group.   They were fun are really knew how to party.      I hope you guys enjoy  your photos.  We enjoyed taking them!



IMG_0166 IMG_0188

IMG_0228 IMG_0242

IMG_0257 IMG_0261

IMG_5794 IMG_5843





IMG_6126 IMG_6120


IMG_6132 IMG_6131





Christine and Tim 7/10/2013

This is Christine and Tim’s wedding.   We had another beautiful day with sun streaming through the beautiful stained glass windows at St John in Fenton MI.
The wedding also featured a wonderful vocalist.  I’m trying to find out her name so I can post the information here.

We went to the Fenton Millpond Park for some nice outdoor photos.  This is a very nice park for wedding pics.  It was the first time we had taken photos here.

The reception was at a new venue as well.  Dunham Hills golf course in Fenton.   The table names were on miniature bottles of Corona sitting among lemons and limes.  Very creative!

Christina and I got two of the bottles.  The question is are they too cute to drink?  The answer is ‘NO’.












fb-4228 fb-4222

Allison and Dan

Allison and Dan got married at the Gross Point Farms Pier Park.     This is a great venue with nice rooms for the Bride and Groom to prepare and some great scenery outside.  Typically the park is super crowded on a Saturday.  The threat of rain kept the crowds away on the wedding day.

We got some great shots outside, including some shots with signs that Allison had made for the wedding.

The reception was at the Assumption Center in St. Clair Shores.  During the reception we went outside with the bride and groom to get some rainbow photos.  What a nice finish to the wedding day!













IMG_3146 IMG_3301

Three Great Spring Weddings

Catherine and Mike

As I write this post, I’m hearing thunder and rain outside. This Spring has had some crazy weather.  We haven’t had rain for any of our wedding so far.   Let’s hope our luck holds out for this coming Saturday!

The first wedding in this post is the wedding of Catherine and Mike.    Their wedding was at Orchard Lake Presbyterian .  This is a church that was founded in 1874.    The reception was at Orchard Lake Country Club.  The wedding facilities here include a reception hall, dance room and wonderful covered outdoor patio overlooking Orchard Lake.

orchard lake golf club cm1

orchard lake golf club wedding photo cm2

orchard lake golf club wedding photo cm3

orchard lake golf club wedding photo cm4

We had lots of fun at Catherine and Mike’s wedding.  We particularly enjoyed photographing and talking with Catherine’s Grandparents who were about to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary.
Congrats to Catherine and Mike.  You’ve got about 1440 more photos coming and a few video files.

Karin and Mike

Our wedding from two weeks ago was Karin and Mike.   They had a couple of unusual venues.   The wedding was held at Island Park in Ann Arbor.     The island venue featured a Greek renaissance structure where the wedding was held and some great scenery on the river.

The reception was held at Karl’s Cabin in Plymouth MI.   Kar’ls is a great smaller venue with wonderful food.

Congrats to Karin and Mike

ann arbor photograher km2

ann arbor photograher km4

ann arbor photography km3

ann arbor photography km5

Jennifer and Eric

Jennifer and Eric got married at St John Neumann Church in Canton MI.   One of my favorite venues because it’s about 600 ft from my house!  Once the wedding was finished we took outdoor photos at the church and a couple of different spots at Canton Heritage Park.   From there we went to the reception at Laurel Manor in Livonia.   The day was perfect from beginning to end.  Congrats to Jennifer and Eric.





Something Different For The First Spring Wedding

Nick and Trisha decide to do a 50’s Rock and Roll inspired wedding.  Trisha’s dress and hairstyle were reminiscent of a 1950’s bride.  Trisha’s bridesmaids dressed in coordinated poodle skirts complimented Trisha’s look of classical elegance.   Thankfully the weather held out for us.   Low 40’s and sunshine.  Perfect weather for us photographers!

The wedding was at the Dundee United Methodist Church.

The reception was at the beautiful River Raisin Banquet Center in Monroe, MI.

Good luck to Trisha and Nick!

michigan wedding photography 1

michigan wedding photo 2

michigan wedding photo 1

michigan wedding photography 2

michigan photographers 1

michigan wedding photographers 2

michigan_wedding_photo 3

dundee michigan wedding photo 1

michigan wedding pictures 1

dundee michigan wedding photo 2michigan wedding pictures 2

michigan wedding photo 3

Chloe and Aubrey

Chloe and Aubrey got married on January 11th at the beautiful Crystal Gardens in Southgate.   It seemed more like a May wedding with a 60 degree temperature and a partly sunny sky.  Great wedding weather seems to follow Chris and I around.   Chloe and Aubrey were a fun couple and were pretty much up for any photo ideas we suggested.   Thanks for inviting us to your wedding Chloe and Aubrey.  Have fun in St. Thomas on your honeymoon!

crystal gardens 8

crystal gardens 1

crystal gardens 2

crystal gardens 9 michigan

crystal gardens 5

crystal gardens 4

crystal gardens 3

crystal gardens10 michigan

crystal gardens 7

crystal gardens 6

crystal gardens11 michigan

Fun With Hats And Mittens

I have no idea who these people are!

michigan engagement photo 2

michigan engangement photo 1

michigan engangement photo 3 michigan engangement photo 4


This is Allison and Dan.  It was freezing outside when we did their epics.  I was worried about my camera and my subjects freezing.    We had a lot of fun doing these photos, but I think we were ready to go warm up when the session was over.   I’m looking forward to Allison and Dan’s summer 2013 wedding.  Here are some more ‘serious’ photos.

michigan engangement photo 5

michigan engagement photography 5

ann arbor michigan engagement photography 1

ann arbor michigan engagement photo 3

ann arbor michigan engagement photo 2

ann arbor michigan engagement photo 1



The Wedding Of Tzvi and Raizel

It’s always fun and a great learning experience for Chris and I to do weddings from different cultures or religions.  We’ve done Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian (Buddhist), Greek Orthodox and Orthodox Jewish weddings.   The wedding of Tzvi and Raizel was not our first Jewish Orthodox wedding.   We’ve been fortunate enough to do one or two Orthodox Jewish Weddings a year for the last 7 years or so.

Tzvi and Raizel’s wedding day was quite wet and cold.  Not a good thing when the wedding is outside in December!    The wedding day went perfectly all they way from the Bedeken through the reception.   It even stopped raining right before the Chuppah.

Chris and I would like to Congratulate Tzvi and Raizel and we’d like to thank them for opportunity to photograph their wedding.