Lisa and Nick

October 27th started out as cold and wet. img_2436_blg.jpg The type of day no bride wants.   Fortunately
we had a fun group to work with (including one groomsmen who preferred NOT wearing pants). 

The wedding ceremony as St. Patricks of Wyandotte was a half an hour longer than expected.     Good planning on someone’s part as the skies had started to clear after the ceremony had finished.   You can see one pic on this post where the bride and groom are img_2902_blg.jpgwatching the rain clouds move away.

We visited a donut shop, where Nick spends a good portion of his professional life, and then the hockey rink.   I asked the guys to make the background of one pic more interesting.  They were happy to oblige.

The final outdoor photos were taken at a riverside park in Trenton.   My wife and I both took one picture that we thought were among our best of the year.  Colors and lighting were spectacular at the park.

Stone Creek Banquet hall was decked out in Halloween colors and Decor.  The bride and groom spend hours the day before carving about a thousand (a slight exageration) jack o’ lanterns for the occassion.  

img_2499_blg.jpg  img_8860_blg.jpg

img_2636_blg.jpg img_2691_blg.jpg



img_2676_blg.jpg img_8987_blg.jpg




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