First Fall Wedding 2010

For the past couple of years, October has been our busiest month.  October is a good choice for a wedding.   The weather is cool and the autumn colors really pop.  This wedding was for Kathy and Greg.  They chose Waldenwoods as the site of their wedding and reception.   Waldenwoods gets my highest recommendation for a site for a wedding that’s a bit smaller.  The main lodge is set up perfectly with one half devoted to the actual wedding and the other half is set up for the reception.   A great bar area and ‘cake corner’ add to the ambiance.

Outdoors, exciting photo ops present themselves from all directions.  From the distinctive lake side tree to the big house with the ceramic sunshine porch to wooded areas, sometimes it’s hard to choose where to take photos at!

Waldenwoods also features my favorite golf course in lower Michigan, The Majestic.   We enjoyed working with Kathy and Greg.   I also enjoyed playing football with Greg’s nephew and taking pictures of some bugs when there was a bit of downtime   🙂


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