New Venues with Amanda and Tim

Amanda and Tim chose venues that we had never worked at before.   The wedding was held at Matthei Botanical Gardens.  We had done weddings there before, but always outside.  This wedding was inside the conservatory so we had 80 degree ‘outdoor’ weather on March 25th!  A big switch from all the snow that had been following me around!   ‘MBG’ has one of the most beautiful processional walks I’ve seen.

The reception was at the famous Gandy Dancer restaurant in Ann Arbor.   The Gandy Dancer was the Central Michigan Railroad Station 1893 until the mid 1970’s.   I included one photo that looks like it might be from the 1890’s.   I do believe a steam locomotive in the background would have made the photo better but unfortunately there were none around.

Christina and I had a great time working with Amanda and Tim and we got some great shots!  Congrats to the new couple and thanks for letting us share your wedding day with you!


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