Wedding From 1931

I’d like to combine some wedding photos from yesteryear with some advice for new couples/families.     PRINT OUT YOUR PHOTOS!!   At least your favorites.   Today it seems everyone takes tons of photos with their digi-cams and phones.     What happens with the photos after people take the pics?  They stay on memory cards, or hard drives or cd/dvd.

Then the memory card gets lost, the hard drive crashes or the dvd deteriorates and is no longer usable.   PRINT OUT YOUR PHOTOS!!   Put them in albums, put them in a box in your closet.  Dedicate a drawer for photos.   Just keep them.  For yourself,  for your kids, for your grand kids.

For brides and grooms, one day your grand kids are going to want to see the old family photos.  You should have a box of old family photos to show them.  Your DVD or I-phone isn’t going to last.  To prove my point here are some old family photos from 1931.   Scanned prints of course. This is Emily and Kyle.

Hey, how’d this color shot get in here?   I was kidding about these photos being from 1931.   The car in the photo is a 1931 Franklin.

These photos are of Emily and Kyle.  They got married in IDA michigan with a reception at Links of Lake Erie in Monroe Michigan.  The wedding date was 09/21/2012.   We would like to join Kyle and Emily’s friends (see photo) in congratulating them on their marriage!


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